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Take a look: this charming house in the middle of the forest is bigger than it seems

It looks like you ended up in a fairy tale

There are several forests in Olympia, a town located in the US state of Washington. Jacob Witzling Hamby’s house is located in one of those forests. But it is not a normal house. The artist gave up the house to make his childhood dream come true. Although the fairy tale house seems very small, the interior is more spacious than it appears.


It’s hard to really call my house a house,” Jacob tells host Bryce Langston in an episode of Living Big in a Tiny House. “It’s actually like living in a kind of sculpture,” says the artist. “I wanted to create a space where people could live. I had a vision of how I wanted it to be.

Fairy tale

As a child I had a book about small houses and sculptures. I always thought fairies, hobbits and elves lived there and I wanted to create that in my adult life, ”says Jacob of the house he built. He wanted his cabin in the woods to tell a story, and he wanted it to look picturesque. “I want people to find it impressive. I want people to think: Wow, this is great! You really are living in a work of art.

Building an house

Jacob came up with the idea of building a small house after meeting a girl who lived in a small shack. From this moment on, Jacob decided to live in a small house as well. So, he lived in a small house for a short time, and every time he moved, he was always in another small house. One day he thought about building his own little house. He asked the forest owner if he could build a small house in the middle of the forest. Said and done: Jacob now lives in his own house in the woods.

Used materials

“I wanted it to look like it really was part of the forest; that was my goal ”, says Jacob about the appearance of the house. Moss decorates the ceiling and fits in well with the forest surroundings. Jacob recycled wood to build the house. For example, he used wood from an old bowling alley for the porch.

Are you curious to see the house? Then watch the video.

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