FareWell: The Short Converter who teaches us a great lesson on loss

If we think about it, our life is a constant succession of losses and encounters.

FareWell: The Short Converter who teaches us a great lesson on loss
FareWell: The Short Converter who teaches us a great lesson on loss

“change and loss are deeply connected. there is no transformation without loss “

Along the way we get rid of old friends, family, couples, co-workers … We leave some places, we end certain relationships and close chapters of our lifetime. All these situations can precipitate us in a process of mourning, although the most painful of all is mourning the death of a loved one.

Farewell, the pain that grieving caused in images

US directors, Chen Yang Hsu, Adeline Jacquot, Paul Jourdain, Alan Sorio and Eléa Trahay, addressed the most painful loss: that of a child. To explain the pain that caused the duel they resorted to a precious metaphor: a bird.

The story reminds us of one of the passages in the book The Cat that came from the sky by Takashi Hiraide: “It was as if we wanted to connect with him through a psychological mechanism in another dimension, in order to alleviate the definitive loss of his presence, the absence irremediable of a precious and irreplaceable being “.

The emotional storm that unleashes a duel

The short film is a journey through the stages of mourning. It is normal that, at first, we go through a state of shock, a defense mechanism with which we try to protect ourselves from immeasurable pain. That is the reason why many people feel worse as the days go by.

In many cases, this initial shock is followed by a phase of intense feelings ranging from fear and extreme anguish to anger and confusion. In this stage, the thought is chaotic, it is almost impossible to concentrate and we can feel that we are living in a nightmare.

“somewhere in the soul the deserts of loss, of fermented pain, spread; dark moors crouched behind the places of the days “. – Sealtiel Alatriste

when it comes to a significant loss, there are no rules.

It is essential that you make your own decisions and do not avoid the moments or situations that you feel you have to live because, in the long run, it will only cause more suffering. To overcome a duel, we must not flee from the loss but face it following the rhythm that marks our heart.

Live the loss as the heart asks of you

In this regard, the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross, probably one of the greatest experts in the pain of death, explains that “we can not escape from the past. The suffering of the past is often suspended until we are ready to discover it. Sometimes, the new losses are the trigger for the old ones. And it usually happens that we do not feel the loss until later in life, when we suffer a new loss. ”

However, this short film also teaches something else: there is a moment when we must make the decision to let go of pain and re-embrace life. It is a wonderful moment in which we begin to strip the past of pain, layer by layer, to stay with the memory of good times.

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