Crayfish becomes online hero, who sacrificed its own limb to survive a boiling pot at a restaurant in China

the methods to cook the famous lobster, crayfish or crayfish every day have more detractors, and his chinese counterpart is not far behind.

A video recorded in a restaurant in China went viral on social networks. It shows how a crayfish decides to sacrifice one of its claws to escape the cooking of a boiling hot soup. With this gesture he has won the affection and admiration of many Internet users, in addition to saving his life.

Live cooking of crab

Perhaps many of you do not know the process by which a lobster or, in this case a crayfish, reaches our plate. One of the best known methods is to boil them alive.

Surely you have seen in the supermarkets, and in many restaurants, the typical fish tank where they keep alive these lobsters or crabs to cook with this technique. If you think about it a bit, it is not so strange that this process has more and more detractors

The live cooking of crabs and lobsters is a very common technique that, if you stop to think, it is logical that it has many detractors

The crab that survived

In the video that you have below you can see how this crayfish tries to escape its cooking. During the process, he decided to amputate a clamp that was weighing him down when leaving the hot soup. It is true that it cost him his clip, but in exchange he managed to save his life and has been adopted by the author of the video, Jiuke, who decided to share this story through the Chinese social network Weibo.

The lesson of this animal conquered Joule, its new owner, so much that he has decided to keep it as a pet. Now, this crayfish is living in a fish tank, away from the spicy soups.

“i let him live. i took it home and i’m raising it in an aquarium, “jiuke told those who were interested in this story and the welfare of the crab on social networks.

The consumption of these animals in China

China has a high demand for crayfish and specialized restaurants proliferate in this dish all over the country. The popularity of creatures, usually covered in hot sauce, is attributed by some to the way in which social interaction is fostered because diners have to store their mobile phones and use their own hands to remove the shells.

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