Couple transforms 200-year-old church into a beautiful home

Have you ever fantasized about living in a church? For this couple, it is a reality

Are you looking for a new home? Then you may prefer a place with enough space. Are you also a handyman? Then you can do some things yourself. That is what Sally Onions and Ian Bottomley did. In fact, the couple bought and converted a 200-year-old church into a beautiful home.

Restoring the church

If you want to redecorate a house quickly and easily, it is advisable not to buy an old church. However, Sally and Ian accepted the challenge and bought a church in England a few years ago. It soon became clear that significant renovations needed to be done, but the result is fantastic!

Eighteenth century church

Since 2002 Sally and Ian have been the proud owners of a picturesque church in Kyloe, England. But renovating the structure was not easy. In fact, it took them both six years to complete the repairs. The church was built in 1792, so the interior was very dated. That didn’t bother Sally and Ian. The couple fell in love with the appearance of the church, but wanted to give it a modern touch.

Modern touch

Sally and Ian decided to keep many of the original elements. They wanted it to look like a church, but they also wanted to incorporate a modern touch and amenities, the first thing was electricity. The two also outfitted the church with heated floors and modern appliances.

Preserved design

In terms of design and style, Ian and Sally did not want to change too much. They wanted to preserve many of the original elements, such as the stained glass windows and the huge vaulted ceilings. Many of the rooms have ceilings and give the house its charm. Throughout all the renovations, Ian and Sally focused on one thing: maintaining the appearance of a church.

Curious about how the house looks? Watch the video to take a tour of the house.

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