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26 Photos of People Who Are Living in the Year 3020

We’ve put together a list of people already living in 3020 while we’re stuck here, a thousand years behind them.

20. When you’re late for class and haven’t taken a shower yet:

21. Haters will say, “He’s not from the future.”

22. We’re all living in 2019 while this man is living in 1918.

A strongman in the French Army lifting a cannon overhead along with three of his comrades astride it, France, mid to late 1910s. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

23. We’re all living in 2019, while Microsoft is living in 20012.

24. We’re all living in 2019 while these people have been living in 3017.

25. This boy is a time traveler.

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