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20+ Things Humanity Should’ve Invented Way Sooner

Today, we hear about new inventions constantly. But before, we only dreamed about these futuristic creations after reading sci-fi books.

So that you always know what’s inside

“I just noticed my backpack’s chest strap is also a whistle.”

This cat backpack for traveling

“An air-filled pillow that a hat I ordered online was shipped in”

This Portland airport bar has chilled tabletops for drinks.

“My multi-tool hair clip can be used as a ruler and a little wrench.”

“Reusable, resealable cans at my local shop in the UK”

This changing room mirror has different light settings for you to try your clothes on in front of.

The public toilets at this shopping center have an extra smaller toilet seat for little humans.

“My dad has a cap with a solar-powered fan on it.”

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