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20+ Things Humanity Should’ve Invented Way Sooner

Today, we hear about new inventions constantly. But before, we only dreamed about these futuristic creations after reading sci-fi books.

You’ve probably thought about how cool it would be to have pockets in your evening dress or how awesome being able to keep your drink cold for extended periods of time would be. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have a portable garage? Well, we’ve got some great news for you: these dreams have come true!

We at WittyLead were absolutely blown away at the fact that creativity can be in perfect sync with technology and we’re sure that you’ll appreciate the power of the human imagination.

This inflatable garage protects vehicles from hail.

A microwave with a built-in toaster — the future is now!

This Bluetooth shower speaker is powered by a micro-hydroelectric generator.

This keypad randomizes numbers every time so no one can figure out the password from your hand movements.

“My cousin’s wedding dress from last night had its own pockets!”

A real-time bathroom display in Taipei that shows which stalls are free

This hotel’s mirror tells the weather.

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