12 Common Items With A Surprising Other Use

Didn’t you know that these common household items were intended to be used in this way?

What do coin ridges, Solo cups, hangers, and old TV antennas have in common? First, they are everyday things around the house, second, they come with a secret that you haven’t noticed in the past. Trust us when we say these things will solve annoying little problems in and around the house after you tweak them a bit. You no longer have to keep making those trips to Target and Home Depot when you hear these tips and tricks! Read on to finally learn how you can make life so much easier.

Many people like to have a glass of wine or two! If you are one of them, you may have noticed that it is dipping into the bottom of the bottle at one point or another. First of all, you should know that it is called a bat or a kick. It makes the bottle more stable to prevent it from breaking or falling off after a gust of wind blows. This also fortifies the bottle to contain sparkling wine, champagne, and the like. It allows an easier distribution of the steam when they clean the bottle before adding the wine as well.

Ties on T-shirts

Did you know that you will not only find ties on the shirts? In fact, they also come with nice collared shirts. This is a practice that has roots in the Navy. When you are at sea, you don’t have much closet space. This is how sailors hang their clothes on hooks! In the 1960s, college students used them to keep them clean when they went to the gym. They are often used to show class and quality these days.

Gas indicator arrow

You may have already taken note of this if you are driving a car. Next to the gas gauge on almost every car made from 2010, you’ll find an arrow pointing left or right. It is a way to remind the driver of the car which side is the gas cap. This may not be as helpful if you have been driving the car for a considerable time. However, it can come in handy when using a new vehicle or a rental car. We think it’s a great feature!

Charcoal purifies the air and removes odors

You can buy bamboo activated charcoal at local home goods stores. It is excellent for removing odors and purifying the area. You don’t need expensive air purifiers in your home if you have this! Other than that, this particular type of charcoal is known to kill allergens and bacteria. Just insert the pieces into mesh bags and leave them in bad-smelling areas. There are many places that make their products this way, such as BreathGreen charcoal bags. They have been on the market for a long time!

Jeans additional buttons

Do you like jeans? You may be the biggest fan of these pants, but you still have no idea what the extra buttons on the pants are for. We all know they seem strange, but there aren’t enough people who know how important they really are! Rivets, as they are called, are strategically added to the garment to prevent the seams from breaking and fraying. Did you know that Levi Strauss, the jeans magnet, owns the patent for these things? In 1829, he thought of them when miners complained about how easy their jeans were to wear.

Extra fabric with new clothes

Have you ever seen that little extra bag that comes with the new clothes you buy? It usually comes with a small piece of fabric. Most people think they can use this for tears and tears, but it’s for something else. This fabric is meant to go to the wash so you can see if it will bleed or shrink. After all, it is not a good idea to wash a garment if you do not know how it will react in the wash.

Handle Holes

We doubt you know the reason why so many pot and pan handles have a hole, unless you cook for a living. Firstly, it makes them much easier to hang when not in use. After washing them, this is a great way to make sure they dry smoothly. Cooks tend to use that hole to hold the stirrer spoon, ladle, and other utensils. If you ask us, it sure sounds very convenient and hygienic.

Pom-Poms winter hat

It seems that many people cannot keep their heads comfortable and warm when winter season arrives. Hats are a good way to solve this problem. However, you may start to wonder what the pom poms are for in some of them. The property has roots in Scandinavia! They were added to collect seams during the knitting process. While other materials have been used since then, this adorable little feature lives on.

Airplane window holes

We bet he got scared too when he first noticed that little hole in the plane’s window! Relax, everyone has been there at some point. But why do they exist in the first place? These things are called breathing holes. They allow the aircraft’s exterior panels to handle the pressure difference as the container grows higher and higher. It allows the cabin to remain at a safe and comfortable level at all times. If the outer panel is compromised, there should be an air leak through it. Make sure to watch out for that!

Black grill in the microwave

It is doubtful that you have ever closely observed your microwave. However, you don’t have to get close to everything to see the black grille on the door. This is called Faraday’s shield. Avoid leaking electromagnetic fields in the microwave so you can be safe! Just know that not only would you be in danger without it, but your food wouldn’t cook either.

Dimples on golf balls

The truth is that golf balls are not round. A closer look will be all you need to know to familiarize yourself with all those dimples on your surfaces. Golfers have noticed that old balls, those with bumps and notches, travel longer distances. These imperfections create turbulence and reduce resistance. Now you know why they started adding dimples to ball designs! However, it will not be useful with putt-putt.

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