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10 Curious Things You Might Not Know

We will inform you with these beautiful things that you surely did not know about that and it’s inhabitants.

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1. It is not known who invented the glasses.

2. A pencil can be sharpened up to 17 times and you can write 47 thousand words with it and draw a line 56 kilometers long.

3. Bees can see ultraviolet light. That lets them know which flowers have more nectar.

4. The water is not colorless: it has been shown to reflect a small blue hue.

5. Bugs Bunny and the Easter Bunny are not really rabbits, but hares.

6. Cinderella’s slippers were not made of glass, but of squirrel hair. The confusion is due to a poor translation of the French language.

7. The first animal that domesticated man was the reindeer, 14 thousand years ago.

8. Light is invisible, we can only see it by the objects with which it “clashes” and reflects it.

9. Boomerang are not used to hunt kangaroos, but to catch birds.

10. It is estimated that the Earth weighs 5.972 SexTillion. If an elephant weighs only about 5 tons, imagine the weight of our planet.

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